Using Dropbox

Check out for a great way to back up and share documents. If you decided to sign up and install the program with my link, I will receive extra space in my Dropbox.  Once you are registered, you can do the same!  If you are not using Dropbox, you are missing out!

  • Free 2GB of “cloud” space – always have your stuff!!
  • Instant sync with multiple computers – home/work
  • Sync files with phones & tablets
  • Share files/folders with ease
  • Earn more space by referring others to sign up

2 thoughts on “Using Dropbox”

  1. Charles,
    This is so incredible. I can’t tell you how many times I use this to teach myself new tricks. THANK YOU!
    Terry Alexander

  2. Thanks, Terry. I live by Dropbox and rely on it everyday for school stuff, dissertation documents, etc. Glad it is working out for you! :-)

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