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Digital Photo Frame Christmas Surprise

This Christmas I decided to surprise my grandparents with a digital photo frame. Because my grandparents do not have a computer and are not into technology, I decided to pre-load the frame with photos of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The first frame I purchased was PanDigital brand. Upon opening it at about 9:30 PM the day before we were to visit, it wouldn’t boot, stuck on the system load blue screen. After several restarts, I decided to consult the web for answers. As soon as I searched for the brand and size of frame (8″), i came up with many complaints, clearly describing the same problem I was having. Many people said to stay away from PanDigital. I had to go back to the store at 10PM to return it. Talk about a pain!

I then checked walmart and Target stores, but because it was December 23, I only found frames that were out of my price range. Luckily I was able to order online from BestBuy.com and pick up in store the next day, just in time for Christmas eve!

I puchased a 9″ Insignia frame. It has a great picture and worked perfectly right out of the box! It was $10 more than the other brand, but well worth it.