YouTube Uploads with iPhone 4

I recently ran a sectional at Darby High School where I am the assistant director. Students were preparing playing test excerpts from their music. At the end of class with only two minutes left, I asked the students if they would like to have a recording of the excerpts to listen to at home. All of them said “YES!,” so I decided to try out my iPhone 4’s video capabilities, along with it’s “Upload to YouTube” function.

My results were fantastic! The video quality of the iPhone 4 is great. I could even do a quick edit with the iPhone’s built-in “trim” feature.

I was a bit worried that uploading wouldn’t be so quick, but it was very simple and rather fast! Our schools do not have Wi-fi (much to my displeasure) so I was forced to use the available 3G network. One thing to consider is video length- my videos were under 2 minutes in length.

Once I clicked the Share icon and selected “Upload to YouTube,” I was presented with a box where I had to fill in details for my video. After this, the video uploaded in about a minute.

This is a really quick way to put up some simple directives or excerpts that students can access in a snap.

Customizable Music Theory Drills

For many years now, has been a great website to send students to for drill practice of music theory, especially note reading. The site has undergone a transformation by moving to HTML5 coding language and away from the reliance on the proprietary Adobe flash format.

Now the teachers is able to create customized lessons with choice of clef, note range, and other variables. This simplifies the way students can interact with the website, and the way that you can appropriately arrange elements of a drill for your students.

Click my link below to see how I customize a note reading exercise for beginning violent students.

Beginning Violin Note Reading Drill

All of the notes it uses are in the first octave of the D major scale, the range of notes I would like my beginners to know.  You can do this with various clefs for viola cello/bass as well. If you want to reinforce a new concept, such as G string notes. You can make an exercise that focus solely on those notes.

Special thanks to Ricci Adams for continuing the development and expansion of this wonderful resource!