Digital Photo Frame Christmas Surprise

This Christmas I decided to surprise my grandparents with a digital photo frame. Because my grandparents do not have a computer and are not into technology, I decided to pre-load the frame with photos of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The first frame I purchased was PanDigital brand. Upon opening it at about 9:30 PM the day before we were to visit, it wouldn’t boot, stuck on the system load blue screen. After several restarts, I decided to consult the web for answers. As soon as I searched for the brand and size of frame (8″), i came up with many complaints, clearly describing the same problem I was having. Many people said to stay away from PanDigital. I had to go back to the store at 10PM to return it. Talk about a pain!

I then checked walmart and Target stores, but because it was December 23, I only found frames that were out of my price range. Luckily I was able to order online from and pick up in store the next day, just in time for Christmas eve!

I puchased a 9″ Insignia frame. It has a great picture and worked perfectly right out of the box! It was $10 more than the other brand, but well worth it.

More from Dragon Dictate

About Dragon dictate… I’m wondering why Apple didn’t come up with this first. I know that they have a patent on this technology, and I am really glad that they did not block this application from being accepted into the application store. Hopefully Apple will take this technology and integrate it into the text messaging app, mail, and any other app that might be able to benefit from this type of technology. I’m excited to see where voice dictation software will go on the iPhone, and how it will integrate into other phones from other vendors.

Dragon Dictate rocks!

Okay, so I am writing to this blog from Dragon dictate, a new program for the iPhone that dictates your speech I am talking this message I am not typing it on the touchscreen that comes with the iPhone. This program is way cool. All you have to do is hit the red button, and talk. It is so easy to use I can’t even believe it! I am willing to bet that this program will change the way I use my iPhone. It is simplistic yet functional. It is also accurate. Check out this program by doing a search on the app store for Dragon dictate. Good luck!!

Big discounts

Oh the discounts!! Can’t believe nobody caught this. Well it is Wal-Mart I guess. Every penny counts…

Back in business

I’m back in business, blogging from my iPhone again after a long break! My last post was on my original iPhone using the old version of wordpress, way back in August of 2008. Now I’m on my 3GS using version 2 of the blogging app. Working really well so far!